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Glad to see there's a big community here
I've been currently looking for a 46-47 inch LCD-LED backlit TV but have trouble deciding which one. With the biggest sales of the year happening right now (black friday, cyber monday, christmas, new years) now it' seems like a great time to get one. My minimum requirements are 120hz, 2ms or lower response time, energy star efficient, and don't care about the 3D.

What is everybody's opinion on this Philips 46 inch TV ? It fit all my requirements but the only thing I'm worried about is the reviews! The first 3 pages of google don't show any reviews, amazon itself has 1 review surprisingly and it was bad. Seems like philips TV's are underrated. One plus is it has Perfect-Pixel technology to make the quality better. Another plus is it's on sale too! $876 and other places like amazon sell it for around $1000-$1200. Pretty steep price drop... and it's a early 2010 TV!

Other TV's i'm looking at are the Sharp Aquos Quattron series, with 4 primary colors (RGB & Yellow) instead of the normal 3 (RGB). Seems to be very popular. Of course Sony TV's are always great but the price is a little high. LG TV's are alright but am considering the other brands mentioned. Anybody have any advice or recommendations?
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