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My living room is where my gf and I spend pretty much the whole day. PC, games, TV/Movies are all in this room.

Paint on the walls is white, and poorly done. Picked up an Epson HC 2000 and decided to go ahead and paint the whole room, and screen on wall.

Ive never painted before, and don't know much about colors/tints/etc. Ive been reading and researching for days, and am still unsure what to do, and the HC2000 comes tomorrow.

Ive pretty much decided on Sherwin Williams. Im close to a store, and I like the idea of a dedicated paint store rather then a hardware store that sells paint (maybe a bit OCD there
). Plus from what Ive read, I cant seem to find anyone with issues with their paint.

There are windows (fairly well covered) ~6-7ft to the left of the screen area, and ~13-14ft in front of the screen area (L shaped room). I also have two tall floor lamps with 40w bulbs Id like to have either on the sides of the screen area, or by the windows to the left of it. So lighting will be fairly moderate for my gf to watch Netflix or whatever. I sit at my PC for many hours during the day, and like to have light in here. During the night when we watch a movie, it can basically be black in here.

Based on the projector placement (10ft away), I should have a 110" screen.

Im not sure if I should go with SW 7071 Gray Screen or SW 6260 Unique Gray, and if I should go Duration Matte, or ProClassic Satin for the screen (testing Ive found says PC Satin has no hot spotting and is more vibrant then matte). Or if there is another one that would work better? Also, want to do the ceiling in gray, so probably use the same for that too.

For the walls, I was thinking a plum/burgundy color, very faintly glossy maybe? SW 6565 Grandeur Plum looked good on their website. Again, not sure if I should go Duration Matte, or ProClassic Satin, or something else. Im also open to other suggestions.

I also want to do the base boards, and a little pin stripe about 6" from the ceiling in a tanish-gold to break it up from looking dull (plus the carpet, area rug, and couch are all tan and brown).

For that, I was looking at SW 0009 Eastlake Gold, and would want that to be at least Satin if not Semi-Gloss (since it will be such a small amount).

And from what Ive found, Kilz 2 is the primer I should use, correct? The screen wall has a lot of imperfections that will need to be filled/smoothed as well.

That should be about it so I can go shopping tomorrow. If someone can please throw in any suggestions, or confirm any of the paints I listed, Id be grateful.
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