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HELP! Please! Antenna for my Sirius

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I am having an antenna problem with my Sirius radio. I received the radio as a gift, and since it is for in home use, I had to buy the home kit that included an antenna and an ac connector.

The cord isn't long enough, of course, and the location for the signal area (suggested in the manual) is blocked by trees and a storage shed with lots of metal items in it.

I can get a longer cord, but as to the antenna itself, the fine print says putting it outdoors voids my warranty and is not recommended.

I had hand-carried the antenna to the other side of the house, (I live in Indianapolis, IN, and get no reception from the northwest, but great reception from the southwest, go figure). I can get great reception outside, but I can't seem to get any reception from inside the house at the windows. Is there a good outside antenna that doesn't cost an arm and a leg?

I tried to get help directly from Sirius, but they were totally useless. : (

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I can't do a link now because I am at work but go to xmradio.com and click on shop, then accesseries, and look for a wireless signal repeater for $69. I think this should solve your problem.
Thanks, mylan! That looks like just the ticket!

Hello again,

Thanks again, mylan. I have been reading the info on the Delphi wireless signal repeater, and it seems again that I have to have something picking up the signal through a south-facing window. I can't get any signal inside, the antenna has to be outside and reception is then great. Doesn't the Delphi need signal through a south-facing window? Kind of llike you can't get there from here! LOL

Also, online I get 2 different model numbers for the Delphi, with radically different prices. The one is SA10116-11B1, the other is just SA10116. Is it the same model? The pics look exactly the same, but the first one is $69.99, the second one is $169.99.

Any ideas?

Thanks again,

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