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Help Please

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I have a Canon HF11 and all was working well but had not used it for about a month when i got it out to go on hols with. Charged all the batterys up But when i tried it it wont switch on not even with the 9v connector  so if any one can help i would be well pleased..


Thanks in advance


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You could try a factory reset by using a sharp object and holding in the button, located in the battery cavity, for a number of seconds to reset it. (Consult the manual.)

Other than that, there's nothing you can really do besides sending it to Canon for a repair estimate.

It isn't recommended to open up a camcorder and mess with the inside.

Hi Thanks for the reply I will try that..


Thanks agin


Hi Thanks for the info but it did not work, So i will have to send it to Cannon or sell it on Ebay..


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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