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Hi Guys. Im always amazed at the great advice i have recieved in regards to forums and the knowledge held within them. So here it goes hope you can help......

I am presently dong my own garage conversion im building a entertainment wall and attaching a new tower build to a tv. My goal is roughly 40-42 inch hdtv 3d tv but my budget is limited max 500 pound. I have read up alot its all very exciting but im finding it hard to filter our relevance also alot of tv decriptions miss out the 4.4.4 malarky.


What tv would you recommend ?


My tower been built by pc specialist.com any advice in extras for a good build appreciated ?


i have been told of a good compatible sound bar but your knowledge and input would be appreciated. At present im looking at purchasing 2.1 sound bar sanstrom s42 swl h13 my max budget for this is 150.


Hope you can help. If a moderator could put this in the right area would be great. Cant w8 to hear your advice thanks in advance.


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