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Help Please

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The church that I go to currently has 4 tvs in the building. We are using a hdmi/cat6 splitter right now to broadcast from the computer to the TVs. There are 2 problems with this that I am hoping to solve, the first of which is the wires, I hoping to find some type of wireless hdmi transmitters, and second of all I need something that has multiple inputs, for instance I would like to broadcast from the laptop to one TV while simultaneously broadcast from a phone or tablet to a second TV. Is there any such devices that can help me with this? Thank you guys so much in advance. I hope what I said makes sense. God bless!
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Some thoughts:
1) Wireless HDMI almost always requires line of sight to work.
2) Multiple inputs to multiple TV's is either a matrix switch/extender config or you can use a IP based extender config with multiple transmitters and receivers (you would need to change a rotary switch to assign input to output for example). This latter would require a dedicate network switch to handle the throughput. Also, some video wall systems could be used as a matrix switch.
3) broadcasting from portable devices like a phone or tablet is easiest when you use cast on said device to a TV. I don't know of any gear that works as a extender transmitter AND wi-fi receiver.
And lastly, after 20+ years dealing with extenders I can say that God hates extender products in his house. Easily the highest failure rate outside of some Caribbean island with horrible-no good-really bad-electrical grounding. Regardless of whether it was built in 1780 or it's a new mega church.
4) Why are the existing wire runs a problem?
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