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Help Plz: New HK AVR 340 and speaker static

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my issue.

I'm a newb to most of this, so please bear with my descriptions.

The house I bought had a built-in entertainment system with 5 speakers. The house was built in 1995. The speakers, Bose 102P Flush Mount speakers, all seem the same. The speaker wire is red/black old style. Don't think it has any shielding and I'm not sure what wattage/power it can really handle. The receiver was a Pioneer VSX 453. I have Comcast (old Adelphia) as my cable system and could listen to a cable music station thru my system or just thru my TV. My DVD player is a new, but low-end Panasonic DVD-S29. The system worked, but seeing that everything was now 11 years old, I decided some upgrades were needed.

I've just received my HK 340 AVR. I hooked everything up and for a moment it worked great, but within just a few minutes I then started getting lots of speaker static. I jiggled the speaker wire behind the AVR and it would momentarily get better, but then go back to static.

I then unhooked everything from the AVR. I powered down the cable, DVD and TV. The only connections to the AVR is the FM antenna and the center speaker wire. The static still exists thru the speaker. It's constant and pulses a little.


Is it my receiver?

Is it the speaker wire?

Is it the speakers?

What's the easiest way to figure this all out?

Thank you very much.
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Sounds like something internal within the AVR.

Contact HK tech support advise them of your issue..

They are very responsive..
Try hooking your old receiver back up and see what happens.
Originally Posted by Russdawg
Try hooking your old receiver back up and see what happens.
Great suggestion. And also before doing that unhook everything now and reattach to the 340. You may have missed something which is contributing to this problem. If it is definitely traceable to the 340 you can then follow M Code's advice.
I have the same issue that just popped up. Mine is 435 however. My rear rt speaker just buzzes every once in a while and req the a restart of the receiver. Mine started after I upgraded the firmware and re-ran EzSet. Have you upgraded recently? Re-run EzSet recently?

I didn't have this issue with my old receiver (pioneer vsx-d411). I'm going to check speaker connections and let you know what I find. Report back if you learn more info please.
I had a similar problem with my 340. Am about to send it back, unless you found a fix (maybe re-run ez setup)?

My problem was the AVR receiver. I sent it back and got a new one. The new one worked great and has continued to work flawlessly.

The tech was baffled as to how / why the issue happened.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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