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HELP - Poor quality picture but only on some channels on one TV

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I am experiencing poor quality picture on some channels (42-53) on just one tv and cannot figure out why. If I switch to one of my modulated channels and view the same channel via a different source (e.g. my Tivo) the picture quality is great.

Since the picture quality is great on all other channels I have ruled out any cable quality issues.

I did my own wiring (all direct runs to the headend) using RG6 Quad and high quality Snap-N-Seal connectors.

The signal is basic CATV combined with the signal from my ChannelPlus modulator and is fine on 4 other TVs.

The tv with the problem is the longest run but only by about 20 feet.

Don't think I an under or over driving the signal to this location. It should be about 18db based on the amp/splitters/and cable lengths.

I don't have any "filters" in the system and use a couple of attenuators on the signal from the modulator to balance itbefore combining it with the CATV signal.

Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated,

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Trouble shooting 101.

Have you tried another TV on this jack in guestion?

If not run a temp. RG6 from jack in guestion to another TV and see if same problem exists. If another TV works on this jack you know somethings up with TV/tuner.

Do you have a VCR hooked up?

If so try using the VCR tuner and see if it works.
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