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Help positioning speakers

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I am setting up a Soundblaster 7.1 Gigaworks system which I know is laughable compared to what you guys have but I am doing this on a limited Church budget and you guessed it...I am the lucky elected guy that is doing it. I am very computer savvy but noob on AV. I also cant afford to make any mistakes.

Please look at the jpg and tell me which is best and offer any suggestions as I havent done anything in the room yet. Bare walls and no wires.

Speaking of wire I had heard that plain old Lamp cord 18/2 would do the trick for speaker wires. The room is 28x28 with 10' high ceiling.

Keep in mind that someday I would like to replace the old TV with a projector and screen.

I really appreciate your advice.
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as far as placement is concerned, I'd put the side-surrounds a little farther back so that they are at least perpendicular to the back rest of the middle row. Also if you can raise up the surrounds so that they are about 3' above ear level, that would be good as well.

IMHO, I would not use lamp cord for speaker hookup. Yes people have used it, and some swear by it. You need 12 ga speaker wire, and by all means I wouldn't go below 16 ga with the runs your working with. Just go to your local radio shack, hardware store, or partsexpress.com and get a 100' or so.

God Bless!
FWIW, you can get 500' of in wall rated 14 ga speaker wire from Home Depot.
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