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I have been using a Samsung 32" 720p LCD for the last few years. Once it started to have some issues I called in on my warranty and got a new TV. The replacement is a Sony 40" 1080p LCD, model number KDL-40S4100.

The issue is that when plugged in to the circuit protector (tested on Monster and generics) the "test" button on a near by plug-in breaks. These plug-ins are the one typically used in the bathroom and will break the circuit if something goes wrong etc, they are rated at 15 amps. Although I do not have the TV plugged into this outlet, it still breaks and I get no power. I dont even get to turn the TV on...just when i plug it in.

I have tested this in the basement as well as upstairs...both times it breaks the circuit in the nearby outlet. I took the TV back to the retailer and we plugged it in and works just fine. This morning when I turned on my 32" before taking it in, everything worked fine.

The new TV is pulling 10 amps, 210 watts. The surge protectors arent popping because they are rated for minimally 15 amps and 18k watts.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Ways around the "I hate your TV" outlet?



After looking online about those specific outlets, they are GFCIs.
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