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HELP power on & off??????????LP620

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I have the infocus LP620 DLP.This unit don't have any power on & off button.It does have the stand by and the main switch.How do I turn this unit off and on without hiting the main switch.Is it safe for the bulb to use the main switch on the side or the stand by botton.

I don't have the owner's manual and the remote.Can someone help me get a full copy from the internet.can't adjust any function from the unit itself"SUCKS"
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Infocus stores its user documentation online, generally as PDF files.

Go to

get into Infocus

select support

under the listed projectors, select Other (for the old ones)

then select LP620

It provides you with a list of different documents.

If this doesn't help, try their 800 number.

Infocus is really good about tech support.

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