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Help! Problem with wall mount bracket.

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I'm installing a wall mount bracket for my Samsung 52" A550. I went to install the part of the bracket that fits to the back of the tv. The standard screw was too short. Luckily the bracket included longer screws. However these seemed a touch too long (ie. weren't tightening all the way), thus requiring the use of the bracket's included spacers. However with the spacers I wasn't happy with the amount of actual screw threading would be inside the tv, so I thought I'd go buy some bolts that were a little bit longer.

The first one went in fine...the bottom one not so well. I'm now trying to remove the bolt that went in not-so-well and I'm not having any luck. It turns fine, but doesn't retract out of the tv. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can remove it, ideally without damaging the threads?

Thanks, Dan
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Try the flat panel forum for your type of display, this section is for HD reception equipment. Good luck with your issue.
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