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Help! Purple splotch and yellowing on HS20

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I just noticed that the upper right hand corner of my screen with my HS20 is starting to yellow a bit and there is a subtle purple splotch on the screen too. Does this mean the LCD panel is starting to go? Is the splotch a dust blob? What can I do to fix it?

Here is a photo of the yellow corner.


and here is a photo of the purple blotch. It is very subtle, but it is in the dead center of this image, underlined by the black horizontal bar in the video. A little easier to see if you lean back a bit.


I tried searching the forum, but couldn't find anything that directly addresses these two things. My HS20 has about 4500 hours on it. This is my first projector, so I am still a bit of a noob. Any help, or just an explanation of what I am seeing, would be greatly appreciated.
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Nobody has any idea what these things are?
LCD panel(s) or polarizer(s) are aging. Welcome to LCD's achilles heel (besides poorer contrast). DLP has rainbow risk but should be more durable. The purple blotch is likely a dust blob (should be focusable on a different plane than the pixel grid) but this too may be a sign of panel degradation.
Thanks for the reply Huey. I knew the panels were subject to degradation, but didn't think this would happen so soon in the life of the thing. Guess I'll ride it out until the image becomes unwatchable and then look at DLPs.
My HS20 had the same issue after a year or so. I rode it out and when I needed to change the bulb the yellowing went away.

I'm having an issue w/ HD inputs at the moment which I just posted about.

I had a hs51 with a very similar problem, yellowing and purple splotches (NOT dust blobs) I ended up doing warranty service for a polarizer replacement and the problem went away.
Exactly why I own a DLP now. Replace the polarizer or upgrade projectors. It was so expensive I opted to go DLP. Fortunately I've never seen a rainbow....durability is superb so far. Looks as good as new minus the fading lamp.

Inorganic LCDs may improve this though with the upcoming C2fine panels.
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