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HELP. re-aligning VS5078 and enabled StarSight feature.

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OK, so by now I should know better than to enable a feature I know nothing about on my TV. Unfortunately I did it anyway and now my TV will not accept remote or key panel input. Yes that’s right, nothing. No Channel, No Volume, No Input, No Menu, NOTHING. Just power will work.

So here is how it happened.

1. Cleaned the lenses for the first time in 5+years. What a difference!

2. Entered the convergence screen (menu+23595)

3. Used Avia disk to complete convergence. Again what a difference!

4. Reset color and contrast, etc to factory defaults (menu+2358)

5. Found new menu code for my TV (menu+1370)


Menu appeared as an enhanced version of standard feature menu (menu_2358) with a few extras. I could easily understand what most of the extras were for... except for the one at the end of the list.

6. Turned on SS feature.

7. Lost all remote or main panel access to TV except power.

I attempted to reset TV by unplugging for 30 seconds, then 1 min, then 5 min, but was unsuccessful. Since the TV will no longer accept input, I can not enter the menu and disable this feature. I noticed that after each power down that 1st remote key pressed was accepted, but all others are ignored.

What can I do. What is this StarSight feature? Why did it disable my remote control?

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