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I have an Explorer 8300HD DVR with a few saved concerts that are not available on DVD or CD. I would like to archive the audio from these shows on my laptop and burn it to CD to enjoy in the car. To get a decent recording shouldn't I get an external card that has SPDIF Input? Most of the solutions I am seeing only input stereo RCA. I've seen a couple of solutions like the Turtle beach Roadie, the ADS Instant Music, or the Sound Blaster Audigy2. The concerts are recorded in Dolby D, and I want the audio to be CD quality when I listen on my other audio devices. Am I over doing it by thinking I need the SPDIF input? There are a lot of cheaply priced solutions that just use stereo input, are any of those options viable for what I am looking for? On the otherhand, if I do need SPDIF, is something like the ADS Instant Music going to work for me, I am assuming it can't decode the Dolby D signal coming in from the DVR. I see some card mention 16bit while others mention 24bit/96KHz. Then there is the pass-thru. I'm confused over what I really need at this point. I just want to be able hear the great concerts on my DVR when I am sitting in my office or diving!


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