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Hey Guys/Gals, I'm pretty new to the Htpc aspect of pc building, recently i used a bit of time and money making a simple pc that has filled gap in getting movies from my downstairs power house pc, to my living room area.

Currently I'm only using analog audio output which is considered 2.1 by my audio receiver, which is capable of full dts 5.1 output.

My question is, with my current component set-up, is it possible to output 5.1 digital audio to my receiver, or will i have to buy another sound card. Recommendations are encouraged. Anything you guys could recommend would be awesome.



Pc is as follows

Amd 3000+ sempron

1024 mb ram

80g hdd


(pci-E and pci slots are low profile)
7900gs 128 mb pci-E
PC-Chips Goal3+1.1c Mobo/sound/lan

(it says ecs but its a Pc chips board, hell for driver searching btw)

Windows XP Home

as far as the receiver goes, its a standard Sony model with coax/optical inputs for DVD players, and several standard RCA inputs.

Television is a standard crt tube tv, 37". Has 3x standard rca, and 1 s-video

Whole rig cost around 220$ including shipping and a decent case. overall a decent buy for someone who is just looking for entry level digital media.
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