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Help regarding Denon AVR1912 Lipsync/HDMI issues

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Hi there first post for me

I have been wanting to get in on the proper home theatre setup for years and have a few questionsi need help with please regarding HDMI/lipsync issues.

Ok whilst im over the moon with my shiny new amp and proper 5.1 speakers for the first time! I am not happy with the fact that i have to ditch the "correct way of connections to the 1912" in that you should connect all tv/blu ray/freesat hd etc via HDMI, then a single HDMI to the tv and have lipsync issues.

Prior to this lovely kit I had a all in one panasonic jobbie (i know Yuk! however it had none of my issues) and I had NO lip sync issues.

I have tried the auto lip sync/audio delay features and for blu ray its okish at around 65ms delay but its not perfect but liveable, however the Freesat HD box (humax) is ok on bootup and ok for ALL standard def channels but when i go to any HD channels the lip sync is very bad.

Ok for my first question: I have copied the "old panasonic" setup in that i run the HDMI lead directly from the freesat box to the TV (samsung UE40B6000) then run a optical lead out of the TV down to the 1912 and Hey presto NO more lip sync issues from ANY tv channel from the humax. However whilst im only losing the GUI from the reciever why am I having to resort to this?

My second question: I have read elsewhere the reason this is is becuase the TV sets the audio delay to around 100ms for audio if so why arent the manufacturers adding this for you to adjust up or down to eliviate this problem as many customers have AV setups?

Apparently you can go into the samsung "secret" tv menu and set the audio for the Internal and External speaker output to 100ms or something which im not sure i really want to do without the correct prodcedure?

Obviously if i can get that last part rectified with the tv so the pictures coming from the 1912 then everything will be resolved, if i have to leave the setup the way it is then so be it as I love the 1912 and my speakers and would never want to go back to an all in one apart from Denons Cara of course!

Hope this hasnt been too long winded and everyone can help regarding this matter.

Many Thanks

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Having to connect the cable/sat box directly to the TV to avoid HDMI handshake issues is quite common.

For more information about your 1912, check out the first 6 posts in the Denon XX12 Owner's thread linked in my sig.
Ditto on the STB and HDMI problems with AVR.

Onkyo, Pioneer, Yamaha and HK all have the problem.

It is the STB. I have Directv and I run component/tos-link.
Thanks guys and JD your guide was very good.

I read it before i bought the 1912 in the UK but my bad NOT to read the posts underneath as i thought there wasnt any as it might have been a locked thread with just your information about the new line up, damn I have lots of posts to read so ill read up on those tomorrow as its getting late.

Im glad that my work around doesnt lose any audio quality at least for the TV with Digital 5.1 as thats the only audio the latest Freesat HD boxes deliever unlike the blu ray with HD audio etc.

Any how thanks again and keep up the great work

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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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