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I've bought the PH A100 on the very first batch on preorder.

Been happy with it to this day but unfortunatelly the USB ports just got broken, and that turned it into an useless box, as I do not believe I can get anyone to replace the USB port here in Portugal.

(anyone needing an extra remote or case? maybe I should ebay it real cheap)

Anyhow I am looking for a replacement player,

Here's how I use it:

- Wth external hardrive;

- No network functions or any streamig;

- Mostly play MKV files, with srt external files for subtitles, with AC3 sound or DTS (in this case I just passthrough the digital signal to a sony amplifier that decodes the DTS and plays the 5.1 sound);

- Would also like to play ISO or VIDEO_TS dvd images;

- Need HDMI out and optical SPDIF out ports.

Been looking around and the best options seem to be

Western digital TV HD Media player

or the soon o be released Popbox

As you can see I do not need anything super fancy, just need a chap but stable operating unit.

Any other options available?

What would your choice be?

thanks for any help



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I would suggest that you contact PCH support via the PCH website, submit a ticket and ask them how much it would cost them to fix it. Perhaps it would be cheaper than buying a new unit.


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