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Help replacing Volt 8鈥檚 with in walls. What to buy.

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So I鈥檓 almost done with my new theater room and my wife is in there. She is like where are those speakers going (pointing to the volt 8s). So I show her and she is like that鈥檚 ugly and will be in the way of the far rear seats and the step down to the lower level. Well of course she is right 馃ぃ So now I鈥檓 looking for some in walls I can put in that are at least on par with the Volt 8s. Fronts are JBL 4722ns and I鈥檒l be running 2 x 7 channel 200watt rms amps. Have 6 volt 6s going in the ceiling. I would like to stay around 3-400 each range. I was looking at the Monoprice THX-365IW THX Ultra in walls. They look to be good speakers and the reviews have been good on them. There any others I should look at? Thanks
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Are the Volts too deep for your stud walls? If not, they are the free option.
Those Monolith speakers have been getting pretty good reviews, and are THX Ultra certified, so they must meet all the THX standards.
Wondering if anyone had anymore input on this.. looking to order this weekend with the sales鈥 Thanks
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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