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Alright first off ive been reading a bit and this right now will be going into a bedroom which will when i moveout become a living room tv. I am not sure if a 40 would be to small in the future and i should get the 46 now or if a 40" would be good.

Ontop of the 40 or 46" debate comes the models. for the 40" im looking at the LNT4065F & the LNT4061F on amazon there is only a $100 difference between the two.

For the 46" I am looking between the LNT4661F & the LNT4665F

ive read alot on this site so i am trying to get some opinions from people who know what they are talking about instead of friends who just say buy whatever. From what i can see between the 40 and 46" tvs im looking at the same models just 2 different sizes. anyway any help would be great!!
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