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Hello All

Thank you in advance for any help.

My TV about 45 days ago had a problem with the picture. It was noticable on faces and white backgrounds, if you looked closely the colors would change slightly a little green and a little yellow. This problem continued.

About 30 days ago all 3 lights come on indicating a bulb replacement.

Turned the TV on and off and the TV came back on still with the picture changing color slightly.

Today the 3 lights came on again and the tv keeps on trying to Turn on and Off, sometimes the picture will show for a 10 seconds but most the time it is black and just trying to turn on and off by itself.

Has anyone had a similar problem, i searched the archives and found simiar info but nothing exactly.

I have had the tv for 20 months and it averages 8 hours a day of TV. (We leave the TV on for the dog).

The TV is not making any unusual noises.

It is in a built in Cabinet since the beggining.

Thank you again for any input.

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