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HELP Samsung LN-S3296D and Comcast Box

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Just purchased a S3296D the other night got the HDMI Cable connected from the Comcast HD Box. Without the DVR. The HDMI cable worked for about 2 min and then stopped working. I am now getting a message on my component input telling me that the HDMI input has been compromised and to use Component to get HD signal to the TV. Is it a bad Comcast box? Help Please. :)


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It could be either the cable box or the display, probably equally likely. If it was working, it is unlikely to be the cabling unless it is either extremely long or going through an HDMI switch.

I'd start by powering everything off, unplugging from the wall, and powering back up, display first and then cable box.

Anyone else with the same model Samsung having a problem?
Tried playing with all the power options. I did get a message on the display saying the HDMI Encrytion had been compromised and to switch back to component. Think it could have hosed something in the display???
Does "playing with the power options" mean you power cycled the equipment as I suggested? If that didn't help, most likely the port on one or the other end of the HDMI is bad. I don't think it is anything you did.
Yes it does. I will swap the box out with comcast tomorrow. I got in the diag. menu on the Comcast Box and it has that the HDCP option is disabled for some reason.

The all the HDMI ports work just fine on my TV work fine with my DVD player so I doubt it is the ports on the TV.

Well it was worth a shot thanks.
In case anyone is curious, the Motorola diagnostic menu is 'power on, power off, press OK/Select immediately'. Unlike a TV service menu, you can't do any damage by poking around there.

Good: you checked your TV ports out with another device. That is standard troubleshooting technique; swap questionable parts with known good parts until you find the bad one.
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