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Hey everyone, I have a bit of a problem here when it comes to gaming on my Samsung PN51D550 3D Plasma display. I have no idea what the issue is called, but I'll describe it the absolute best I can.

When gaming on either my Xbox 360 or PC on my TV, I get this transparent, uniform grid of dark/light circles across the entire screen over the image being displayed. These circles are best visible when dark/shadowy images are on the screen, or in panning scenes (turning left/right/up/down) where there is a fence, metal grid, or anything similar to the nature of having small lines that you can see through. If looking closely, this grid of small circles can be seen on lighter images as well. The issue is more prevalent on the PC than the Xbox 360. However, this grid CANNOT be seen when the PC is being used to watch movies, etc, and the issue CANNOT be seen when using my 1080p monitor for gaming.

To give a better example of what they look like, refer to the small circles seen in this image: http://i.haymarket.net.au/Utils/ImageResizer.ashx?n=http%3A%2F%2Fi.haymarket.net.au%2FFeatures%2FW3.tif&w=450&c=0

I stumbled across this calibration screen when configuring my graphics card in attempt to resolve the issue, and thought, "HEY! That looks just like it!"

I'm suspecting it has to do with some sort of color setting. Any idea what this is, or how to fix it? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Lowering the in-game brightness or the TV's brightness/contrast helps to hide the circles when the screen is dark.
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