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Help!! Samsung T151 question

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I'm looking at several OTA boxes, and need one that can also receive NTCS 480i as input thru S-video or coax. I need this input to upscale my current output from the dish DVR 522.

I was looking at the Samsung T151, but there is no S-video input.

Can I set the dish DVR/receiver to work in air mode, and use a combiner (or diplexer??) to combine the NTCS 480i to the signal from the HDTV antenna?

Thanks for the help...
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Why aren't you just hooking the 522 up to the TV and let it do the upconverting? OTA boxes are not designed to upconvert an s-video feed, you need to buy a scaler to do that if your TV doesn't have one built in. If you want to feed your NTSC feed through the ATSC tuner you'd need to find one with two RF inputs or use an A/B switch to switch between sources....
My plasma does a pretty crappy job upconverting 480i to 480p...

I heard the best input for my plasma is 1080i thru component.

The plasma is good downconverting 1080i to 480p.

My problem is that I want to feed in 1080i to my TV from both ATCS and SD sources.

I heard that Samsung T165 has a NTCS tuner. The output from my DVR is on channel 3, then this box might solve my problem.
Problem is the 1080i signal is going to be upconverted 480i and it's gonna look crappy before it gets to your plasma...
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