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Help Sanyo DP42848 inputs?

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Just bought my first HD (the price was right, I'm cheap!) Sanyo DP42848.

Everything is working fine untill I want to plug in my sons Frogger game from Wallmart

My set up is as follows,

1) HD cables from cable box to HD inputs on TV.

2) Non HD cables from non HD Tivo box to Analog inputs on TV

My problem is there is only one more place for inputs on the TV & its for HD cables only.

So where if at all can I plug the game in so my son can play?

I don't want to have to pull the TV out of the built in wall every time he wants to play.

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You just need a simple composite A/V switch to connect multiple sources to the same input on the TV, such as this one, which can accept up to 4 sources, and comes with a remote control.


Hope this helps.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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