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help setting up access to sony store in Japan

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I've read about trailers being available for Casino Royale and Resident Evil 2 being up on the Japan Sony Store and I know some people have "pretended" to be in Japan to get access and I want to know... how? I want to Dl those trailers anyone have a walkthrough?


Edit- I thought I was in the Playstation forum... oops.
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You can setup a Japanese/Hong Kong account by going to the "Add new user" (probably not the exact title but something similar) option and selecting either Japan or Hong Kong as your country. For the Japanese store, the entire process will be in Japanese -- it is pretty straight-forward (name, password, email address, address, etc..) - it may take a few tries but it shouldnt take long (took me under 10 Minutes). Most are using a hotel address for your address, but unless you're using a credit card the address shouldnt matter.

For the Hong Kong store, the entire signup process is in english. You might want to create a HK account first and write down what each input box is (to make the JPN signup easier)

And sorry for posting in the wrong forum,

And,.. I'm still not 100% sure I really want to do this even though I do want those trailers,

Maybe they will show up soon on the US store....

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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