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I have the room (attached pics) where the TV and stereo was built into the brick surround by the original owner, circa 1980. I've been remodeling and have purchased a Samsung 55" that will just fit in the opening (about 1/2 way up - the cabinet is going to be redesigned). I've purchased Polk RTiA3's for L/R fronts and CSiA6 center, in-wall 65-RT's for surrounds and a PRO 55wi sub.

I'm now having second thoughts. The BIG wall would fit a 75-90 TV easily (the $$ will kill me though) and the placing of the speakers would be better I think. My wife would like to keep it in the brick. Problem is that the speakers A3's end up not centered and only 5' apart.

Any thoughts would be helpful as to best possible placement with what I have to work with.

Oh, AVR is a Denon x4000.

Thanks so much!


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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