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Help setting up my new PT-L500U...

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Please help me set up my new Panasonic PT-L500U.

Is there is a "flicker" adjustment and if so how do I access it?

What settings are you using for your 500U? I hope to use an AVIA disk soon but until then I'd like to try improving the PQ.

I'm using component cables with a Panasonic RV32 DVD player with the out of the box (normal) settings on the 500U.

I watched part of a movie (Galaxy Quest) last night and saw vertical banding before the movie started, but very little during the movie. My biggest concern is the SDE I was seeing anytime a character moved, especially on close-ups. I used a 7' diagonal screen size and viewed it from 11', which I'm expecting should be fine. I think the DVD was showing in 525i but I forget the exact number.

Thanks for your help.
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1Time, for the flicker tweak... check out the Panny 500 Tweaks Thread :)

Make sure you do it after the projector has warmed up for 30 minutes.
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