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Help ! Sharp is trying to charge me for a new bulb (M20X)

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I was wonderring if anyone out there that has a Sharp PG-M20X could offer a case # for which sharp replaced the bulb due to projector issue?

I recently sent my projector in for repair due to flickering and failed start ups. They just sent an email saying they wanted to charge me for a new bulb. The bulb worked with the above problems and the unit had also previously been in for repair for the same problems with some wiring replaced at that time. Can anyone offer advise, this doesn't seem fair?
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How many hours were on your bulb?

Only 220 hours. I could see their Point if I was at least over a 1000 hours.
Originally posted by PJINMN
Only 220 hours. I could see their Point if I was at least over a 1000 hours.
I don't have a case number, but they replaced at least one bulb for me that was over the warranty hours because the problem was caused by the projector. I've posted here that Sharp was reasonable about this because they were with me and I got the same impression from other people. However, your case doesn't sound like they are continuing that.

I would probably answer them back by saying that I thought the problem they had previously fixed with the projector had affected the bulb life and if not that flickering and failed startups had been a common problem with the M20x in the past, but I heard from other M20x owners that they had a reputation for being reasonable when a fault in the projector caused a bulb to go out. If they pushed back I would try to put the onus on them to prove that the previous problem didn't reduce the bulb life.

If your 220 hours are over a long period (like a year), then it may be tougher to get them to replace the bulb, but I think it is worth a shot.

Best of luck,

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I been with the M20xa when it 1st came out.

They had some type of power /voltage regulator issue and replaced said unit atleast three times for me, when I got the unit back, it had a new bulb.

The service record should the voltage unit replaced and new bulb installed.

They evenutally got a new unit in which they called the M20X. It also had the issue which I had it serviced once after I complained and they replaced my M20Xa with the M20X.

Somewhere along the way I had a bulb explosed on me, I called it in with the same issues i had before and shipped it in. They replaced the unit and replaced the bulb.

Then I noticed somthing new on the service RMA shipping instructions.

They added a clause about that I would be charged a service call if the issue was the bulb. They fixed everything, but this most have been the turning point for them repacing bulbs.

All in all I had atleast 4 service call and one unti replacement.

My advice to you, check your past service records and see if they changed the bulb with your last service call.

If they didn't, then you got them, because they should've. If it was the voltage issue, it would have sent current peaks through the bulb which generates the flickering. Simple logic would say that the life of the bulb had to be impacted by the previous issue, and they should have replaced the bulb.

I have flickering now, but live with it , it comes and goes.

Overall Sharp has had bulb issues. People who bought the $10K unit had to let it sit for months waiting for replacement bulbs and Sharp did nothing

for those owners.

It appears that Sharp has taken a hard line on replacing bulbs.

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I thought I should conclude this thread. After receiving the request for $600 to replace the bulb I called up and spoke with several of people attempting to talk to someone higher up. I was told Rick or Shawn would call me back. After waiting a day, I called to check status. I was told one of them would call me within an hour. I waited three hours without a call. I called again to check status and was informed my bulb was replaced and the unit was being sent out. According to the person I spoke with a defective bulb can cause flickerring. Interesting how this turned around. Thank you to those that replied.
Well, I need help now for the same thing.

I finally got passed to the repair technician that said I would need to provide him the name or case numbers of at least 2 people that had their bulbs replaced. If I could get that he would honor the replacement and give me mine. If not it $465 for the bulb. Said the fix they were putting in place had nothing to do with any surges. It was only related to the system not picking up the correct color wheel speed and making the fan run long.

Sorry, I don't buy that story.
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