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help!!! sony 10HT...

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this is my first projector, need help in understanding these two settings under the input menus: size H:774 and SHIFT H:365 V:55 these are the factory settings. what do they mean and how can they help me with picture quality. any suggestions on the number changes? viewing mainly dvds from a Denon 2800 on a viewtec 106" screen. the manual is confusing. also the projector shows its set at 480/60P is this a correct setting for dvd viewing? can u explain. i assume that the projector will switch to whatever the input is. also i was told that an external line doubler could not be used due to internal circuitry of the projector, can u explain?
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Can I suggest a few items?

There are extensive FAQs on the 10HT see:

For calibration see:

The short answer to your question about the "size" parameters is that these shift the image within the panel space. You normally should not have to adjust these but they handle repositioning the image. Yes each input remembers settings but read the FAQs on these.



Tom Pfarr
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The 480/60p display is indicating that the 10HT is receiving a progressive signal and is displaying it as progressive.

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