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help: SONY KV32HS510 high pitch noise when turned on

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my 1 1/2 yr old SONY tv has recently developed this high frequency pitch noise when I turn it on. It tends to go away in a minute or two. It's not from the speaker because when I mute the volume, the pitch can still be heard.

It's not a loud pitch, but it's certainly audible. I see no visual distortions or other problems. The TV functions properly.

I wonder what this high frequency pitch is and if it's indicative of any forth coming problems.

the warranty just expired on me so I hope it's not a big deal.

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See the following thread.


It seems your starting point of the noise emission is similar to my case. 1 and 1/2 yr old. ;)

i hate it bad things happen when the warranty has just crapped out on me

how much would it cost to replace the whatever that's causing the problem?

Thats usually the flyback transformer mechanically ringing at 15.75Khz, not a serious problem. Once you get a little older you won't be able to hear that high a frequency.
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