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I recently received my JVC HD-56FH97. (Note - on Beach Camera, the price is down to $1550 w/ free shipping. IMHO, this is a great price for this unit - I made my buy decision when it was priced at $2300+ and bought at $1750. Anyway, I digress...)

We currently have analog cable and an internal HDTV antenna. I would like to be able to receive HD programs via the antenna. My question is this: What are the proper settings for the Auto tuner setup OSD screen? Are there other OSD screens that need to be adjusted as well? Currently, all I receive are the cable (analog) channels.

While You are being so kind as to help: If I switch to digital cable, would there be a reason to keep the antenna? How would I configure the various OSD screens in this case?

Thank you in advance for your help.
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