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Im not sure if this is the correct thread, but I need some advice.

Firstly, I have 2 Energy C-6 speakers - owned them for 10 years now, just noticed that the tweeter on the right speaker is broken - any advice on replacement? I would look at new but I've been SO happy with these speakers they are hard to replace, though I believe that if I cant find a matching tweeter it might be a mistake to proceed.

I have an Adcom pre-amp and a NAD amp both 10 years old as well - only running two channels - has worked great for me.

Just moved and on my setup I noticed that the left speaker wasnt putting out sound unless I switched the preamp to mono mode - thought that odd, replaced the av cable and both speakers worked great. Today, the right speaker is giving me the same problem, only with a twist. Will not put out sound unless the premap is in mono mode OR in stadium surround mode - though the speakers sound is still week. Ive traded cables again, my cables to the speakers were high end when bought, very expensive and appear to be in great working shape....


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