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Hi Everyone,

Long story short, my TV (Sony X8000D) was working fine with my Soundbar (Yamaha ATS 1080). Recently I bought an android box and connected to my TV via HDMI (as usual) and soundbar stops producing sound. When I took the android box out of 'TV & Soundbar eco-system' it works well.

Soundbar does have a pass through HDMI port, tried connecting Android box to Soundbar (to TV HDMI ARC port) but no luck.

Is there a way to connect the Android box with soundbar? (I dont prefer to use Optical cable as I will have to use soundbar remote all the time to control sound; trying to keep less numbers of remote).

I only have one output in Android box (HDMI) can I use HDMI AV splitter to connect the box with TV?
Thanks in advance
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