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Help to choose soundcard.

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I've over the last couple of weeks considered buyin' a new soundcard for my HTPC and expand my Stereo to Surround.

As for now my setup consist of

Harman Kardon 1.0 (7.1 Preamp - but no decoders.)

TacT SDA2175 (For Fronts)

TacT SDA2175 (For rears)

4xInfinity Renaissance 90

I am only going' for 4.0 and what i need to know is if it is possible send the center signal to my fronts just as good as my former Yamaha DSP-A1?

Furthermore, i need to know which cards that can decode both dts and ac3 or if some sort of software decode it just as good?

My budget is about the ~300$.
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What I would do, with that budget, is Theatertek 2 with the advanced audio pack, and an M-Audio Revolution, Delta 410, or 1010LT. You would configure Theatertek (or more specifically the nVidia decoders it uses) for 4.0 speaker setup.
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