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I could use some troubleshooting on my 5007-

I was listening to some music through airplay, then through a USB drive. I changed USB drives (and heard a weird click, didn't think twice about it), and went to play a 2nd song, and there was no response. The time was stuck on 0:00. Plugged in a different USB, and then stated no connection. Plugged in another, showed a connection, but wouldnt play any songs.

So, I tried to listen to some network radio- nothing.

Tried again to listen to AirPlay- nothing. The receiver changes to play when the signal is sent, but doesnt play.

I am able to watch directv and my ps3 through the receiver. I am able to access the receiver through the IP address.

Concerned and open to ideas, thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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