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Dear knowledgeable forum members,

I have had a viewsonic vx2835 for over two years and it has been running quite brilliantly as a monitor for my computer. I have always connected it via the HDMI-to-DVI cable(which it came with) to the DVI port of my graphics card. Originally have it connected to a Nvidia GTX 280, then a GTX 470, and now to a GTX 570. I also have my GPU hooked up to a 40in Sony LCD.

All of the sudden it will just display a bright blue screen when connected. So i thought maybe the hdmi port was going bad. So i plugged in my Xbox to it and it ran perfectly. Next i thought it was the cable so i ran the same HDMI cable attached to the xbox and ran it into the GPU's mini-hdmi port as well as used another hdmi-to-dvi connected. All to no avail. My sony LCD on the other hand will display with no problem with either the HDMI-to-DVI or the HDMI-to-MINI-HDMI port.

I've tried to update drivers, and it says it doesnt read any viewsonic monitor.

Currently i am able to connect via the VGA connection, but it still will not read it as a viewsonic monitor nor will it allow the resolution to reach above 1600x1200 instead of the optimal 1920x1200.

This is driving me nuts especially with the new GTX 570.

I should note that it started giving me trouble with the GTX 280 but i had already ordered my GTX 570 and since i thought it was a driver error i did a fresh install of Windows 7(x64) pro and all my programs.

A forum member from evga recommended this forum and said you were the most knowledgable. Your assistance would be most heartedly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!


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