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Hello. I'm a newbie so please be gentle. I've been using the search function all day but can't seem to find my answer or know the correct keywords.

I'm trying to stream content throughout the house from one centralized location.

In 2 weeks I will be moving into a 2 bedroom (plus den) condominium. We will be installing hardwood flooring and temporarily removing the baseboards. There are preinstalled jacks for Cat5e in each room, and a panel in the closet that says Leviton Integrated Network.

My office with my PC will be in the den. We will be using AT&T DSL. My television will be in the living room. I've purchased a TVIX M-4000 which I will use as a media streamer. I will be purchasing a ReadyNAS soon that will hold all of my videos (all formats) and audio.

I would like to stream this content from the NAS to the TV via the TVIX. I prefer wired rather than wireless so I can stream higher bitrate files. My question is, how do I connect all of this? What is this Leviton Integrated Network? Would I still need a router? A local switch? Can I take advantage of the cat5e jacks in each room or should I run wires behind the baseboards? Where is the best place to put the ReadyNAS server and how does this connect to the PC and/or cat5e jack? Can I simply plug an Ethernet cord from each component into the wall cat5e jacks? How does the TVix connect to the LAN? Do I hook this up to the wall jack?

I'm apologize for all my confusion. I've been racking my brain. Any help would be so so so much appreciated. Thanks!

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