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ok im choosing an amp now my choices to run my HT are:

running bw nautilus 805 fronts, htm2 center and bw xt2 rears velodyne cht10q sub

option 1

onkyo 876 or denon 3808. no separate amp for fronts but will be getting Emotiva xpa2 after a year or so. but can get an emotiva UPA 2 now. upa 2 is rated at 125w per channel so is it wise to have the fronts powered by an amp rated lower than what my receiver dishes?

both are rated at around 130w per channel x 7. will be running a 5.1 set up.

option 2

onkyo 806 or 706 or denon 2309 and xpa2

will be downgrading to a lower amp but will have a emotiva xpa2 for the fronts.

ive thought these combos many times ideally i would love the denon 3808 paired with the xpa2 but that is over my budget at the moment. help
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