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Help w/Immersive Simmetry

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Any other Simmetry owners able to help me out? A couple of questions:

1) I seem to have killed the upper vfd display - it is currently blank. The manual indicates it can be controlled with the "macro" button on the remote. Mine came with the URC Automator remote. There is no such button that I can find. How do I turn the display back on?

2) I have a MX-700, which is also indicated in the manual to be compatible. Does anyone know how I get the .mxd or .mxf file for the Simmetry so that I can program my MX-700?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Derrick, I sent you an e-mail with all the MXD files I have for the Simmetry. You also might want to try the following to see if it helps:

Page 2

FP-ON/FP-OFF, toggles both upper and lower LED displays on or off

Unit still functions for all commands

Page 4

L-ON/L-OFF , toggles the upper LED on or off only

P-ON/P-OFF , Upper Display reads Simmetry Standby, Lower DVD display still active. I assume this is Video Mute for playing SACD music, although I have not tried it

Main On/Off button, you must have SIM-A chosen on the screen and then Off puts unit into standby (upper Screen) and turns off DVD player (Lower LED blank)
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The URC remote doesn't have those commands, and when I went to program my MX700, I realized that I have misplaced the pc cable for it during our recent move. I have ordered another cable, and will have to "cool my jets" until it arrives. I will try those commands once I get my hands on the cable.

Thanks for the files - greatly appreciated.

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