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OK. Am starting to get frazzled...

Here's the setup:

Motorola DCT700 STB - Coax in/out and composite out

Pioneer 531 - nuff said

Technics SA-EX700 - VCR, TV, VDP - all composite

Hitachi TV - Coax in, "Audio to HiFi", Input 1 and 2 (composite) and a S video in.

My questions are:

1. How do I hook this up so I can record one channel to HDD and watch another at the same time? Page 2 in the manual says I can do this.

2. Can someone explain G Link a little better...talk to me like I'm in the 3rd grade.

3. I have the Harmony 520 remote. Can this be factored in to the reply?

Before the STB, I had Output1 composite going to VDP and Out1 Svideo going to TV.

The coax came into the Pio531 and out to the TV.

The RCA audio went from Receiver (TV) to Input 1 of TV.

THANKS MUCHO to any replies
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