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I'm trying to set up a simple 720x480 resolution using PowerStrip 3.02 Build 201, an Nvidia TNT2 Pro (downloading latest drivers as we speak), and a Mits 55807 using the RCA VGA->Comp. box.

Using the presets for 720x480, it always ends up adding pixels and changing the timings to 540p. I normally wouldn't mind this, but I only have one 1080i input. And (unfortunately) I don't have my original monitor on hand to test with.

Here are my values:


Scan Rate: 33.782 kHz

Active Pixels: 720

Front porch: 56

Sync Width: 64

back Porch: 72

Total: 912


Refresh: 60.004 Hz

Active 480

Front porch 33

Sync Width 1

Back porch 49

total 563

Any ideas why PS would do this to me??
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