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I recently purchased a second hand InFocus 7200 from a store. I've been watching DVDs through component run from my DVD player to the projector without problems. However, I just bought a PS3 and I can't get a picture. I am using a 10m HDMI cable and an HDMI/M1DA adaptor run from the PS3 directly to the projector.

At first I thought the HDMI cable or the adaptor could be faulty, but I took my PS3 and adaptor to a friend's place and linked them to his InFocus 7205 projector using his HDMI cable (which is identical to mine) and my adaptor and my PS3 and we got a picture instantly. So the problem appears not with the PS3, HDMI cable or adaptor. We plugged my in my InFocus 7200 we still couldn't get a picture. My OSD says that I am running "version 4" which presumably refers to the projector's firmware.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I own a 7200 as well, and saw this problem intermittantly for a while after I had my PS3 serviced. In my case, the 7200 would say it was setting up the image, and then I would just have a black screen.

I cant tell you that I ever found the root cause, but I wound up

1. Ensuring the PS3 and the 7200 were running the most current version of system software (your 7200 at V4 is there I beleive, Im on the road right now, so I cant double check)

2. Turning everything OFF - in the case of the 7200, I pulled the plug after powering it down.

2. Reseated the cable at both ends, particularly at the projector. I removed it, reseated it firmly, then tightened the screws.

3. Powered up the projector

4. Turned on the PS3

Note that the first time the PS3 senses an HDMI (or DVI device) it will ask you whether you want to adjust the settings. It does not drive the HDMI output until you tell it to do so. Might be worth plugging the PS3 into another HDMI native device to get it set up properly.

Hope this helps... Im doing this all from memory, it was over a year ago when I had the problem. It has worked flawlessly ever since. BTW, Blue Ray disks are stunning!

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