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Hope this is the right Forum. Ok, here it is. I'm am in IT, and the plant manager wants me to modernize the board room AV setup. Now they have 3 splitters, multiple cables complete spider web of confusion which I will not go into. What I would like to do is install:

(2) VGA/MINI sound/RCA flip top on the table (Across the room from the receiver)

(1) Desktop (VGA/mini sound) local to Receiver

(1) DVD-VHS w/HDMI (Local to Receiver)

And finally having all of the video connected to a Dell ___ Projector with VGA/S-Video connections, located above the table installed flip top connectors. All connected to a single receiver controlled with a Logitech harmony remote as to make it as simple as possible for these admin types to control.

I understand the table vga I can use a cat 5 extender for the VGA cables, and I have seen some IR vga to HDMI switches but have no sound input.

So I am asking for any advice as to what to do as far as setup. I am getting a new receiver, a Yamaha, Sony, or hopefully a Denon.

I Hope I have explained it enough in detail, if not let me know, also let me know if this is the right forum.

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