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Help with 1292 power supply

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Can a CRT expert please have a look at the below photo and tell me if these empty sockets on the power supply are in fact meant to be empty. There are 3 in total.

I just received a replacement power supply for my 1292 and have connected every single wire i can find however there are still 3 sockets empty.

Also when i turn on the projector im getting the unit shutting down and an error code 20. I have also noticed that the fan connected to the E board does not turn on. I have checked the fan and it ok.

what should i do?? Any guidance is appreciated

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code 20 is a fan error, to test it, connect the sense wire of that fan and the ground. Detection of it is then bypassed.

If you leave every ceable aside and only connect the big black the PS should power up
thanks jantje112

like i said i did notice that the fan on the E board does not start. I have tested the fan and its ok so im guessing its something to do with the the E board.

without replacing the whole board is there any way or repairing this?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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