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I got a deal on a used 100" Stewart Visionary Electriscreen that is supposed to have the Stewart 12v trigger of VICS option.

I picked of the screen and there is what looks like a relay (2-3" long and 1-2" high and 1 inch wide) between the screen motor and plug to the wall. There are no lables on either end of the gray relay.

I looked at the wiring in the manual at the Stewart website and it refers to this as the VICS option. I don't know how to hook this up and I can't believe Stewart would charge $200 - $400 hundred for just this gray switch and leave the wiring in this condition open without a box.

I was under the impression that all I would have to do was plug the screen into the wall and run a 1/8 in mono plug from a box on the screen to the projector.

Am I missing something?
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