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Hello there,

I would like to ask for some help. I have a setup as shown in the attached image.
Here are some specs:

Fronts en surrounds: Wharfedale Diamond 220

Center: Wharfedale Diamond 220C

Sub: Yamaha YST-SW012

The problem I have is with the subwoofer. I have run Audyssey but I find it quite boomy and overbearing. De rest of the speakers are fine.
After recommendations from others I have set all speakers to small (Audyssey sets fronts to large) and the crossover to 80 HZ. I immediately noticed much more coherence in the soundfield so that is a good thing.
Just the subwoofer (low end) does not sound right. As I sad, it sounds boomy and overbearing. I tried hours and hours changing the crossover to 60, playing with subwoofer level etc.. So I think it has to do with placement. I tried putting it in front of the center speaker (underneath). This lead to more punchy bass, but it sounded somewhat pressuring. My room seems cursed!
I use my setup for music and movies equally. I am tired of changing and trying settings. I just want to enjoy my large collection of CD's and Bluray's. :)
Does somebody have some tips?

Thanks in advance!


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Sorry, but you're not going to get anything resembling quality bass from an that Yamaha "subwoofer" (shouldn't even be called that, IMO).

Can you afford $300 for a (much) better sub? If so, take a look at the Emotiva BasX 10. This will be on a whole different level and a significant step up from that Yamaha.
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