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Hey guys,

I've lurked on these forums on and off for years, but this is my first post in a loooong time. We are in the process of remodeling, and bought the main components for an HT system which is a nice upgrade from my old Samsung HT-in-a-box with a Samsung 46" DLP.

Here is what I have so far:

Speakers: Energy Take Classic 5.0 with Klipsch KSW-10 Sub

Receiver: Onkyo SR-607

TV: Samsung PN58B560 58-Inch Plasma

Blu-Ray: PS3 Slim

Gaming/Media Streaming: Xbox 360 Launch version (non-HDMI)

Cable: Fios non-network HD DVR

(Future: Boxee HTPC/Boxee Box or something similar via HDMI)

I plan to route everything into the Onkyo and then connect to the TV via HDMI. I am mounting the TV above the fireplace with a nice tilt-swivel from monoprice, and the wife wants everything, speaker wire included, to go neatly through the wall. The receiver and everything else will be in a cabinet about 15-20' away from the TV.

My plan (please critique!) is:

1) Have the front 3 speakers route to a wall socket either High Quality Banana Binding Post Two-Piece Inset Wall Plate for 3 Speakers - Coupler Type (3538 from mp) or the 4-speaker version to future-proof an upgrade to a center that would use 2 inputs.

2) Mount the surround speakers with Speaker Wall Mounting Bracket - White (Max 10LBS) - Set of 2 (3013 from mp), routing to High Quality Banana Binding Post Two-Piece Inset Wall Plate for 1 Speaker - Coupler Type (3324 from mp)

3) If the sub is close enough to the HT cabinet, which is likely, just connect directly to the rec with 2 RCA cables. If not, route them through the wall as well.

4) Near the rec, route it all to 3-Gang 7.1 Surround Sound Distribution Wall Plate (4013 mp) or its smaller, more expensive equivalent on mp.

5) I already ordered a bunch of HDMI wires, including a long in-wall one, a long toslink cable, and long in-wall component cables. I did this for future (or past, really) proofing for connecting the Xbox 360 via component, and if I decide that it makes sense to route everything to the TV instead of the rec. Should the rec be able to convert the Xbox's component vid to a good signal via the one HDMI out? In other words, is this overkill in the connection dept and should I just trust the Onkyo to properly route everything via the one HDMI (and maybe an ethernet connection) to the TV?

6) I am looking at 12AWG CL2 Rated 2-Conductor Loud Speaker Cable - 250ft (For In-Wall Installation) (3844 mp) for the 5.0 wire. Does that make sense?

7) I would like to use banana plugs, but I don't know how many to order, and if I should use closed or open screw- I don't really know the difference. Also, I know the rec is flexible, but I can't tell what I need to plug into the Energy Takes- they are "Mini 5-way binding posts."

8) I know this is a matter of opinion, but should I future proof adding 2 rear surround wall connections, or even bite the bullet and order 2 rears that would complement the Energy Takes? I am not a big audiophile and I'm not sure that the setup really needs those rears, but I have the nagging feeling that I'm skimping out on the true surround potential and should just do it all now.

So that is where I'm at. Everything has already been ordered except for the speaker/sub wire, speaker mounts, possible rear speakers, and wall plates. Have I done anything really wrong yet besides possibly wasting ~$17 on wires I may not need? I know things would be even cleaner if I upgraded my Xbox to an HDMI version, but I'm not sure the difference is worth it if my Onkyo can handle the conversion. My only other fear is if the system will not be powerful enough for the room with lots of open space. However, my old system was just fine in terms of that and this is definitely more powerful. I don't blast the sound so often and am not an audiophile, so I'm pretty sure its adequate, and I'm comfortable for this $ spend but don't want to take the next step and throw another $1k+ at this.
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