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Help with 50PHD8 1:1 mapping from HTPC

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I have managed to pixel [email protected] 60hz via Dvi but i am unsuccessfully trying to pixel map @ 50hz for UK pal source material, using the vga input fed from a HTPC.

Using a Geforce 6600gt i get two options close to the pixel count of the phd8 but not at the exact value required.

The two options available are 1360x768 and 1368x768, when i try powerstrip to produce the required [email protected] it keeps defaulting to 60hz.

When i try the other two i can only get a noise free picture by having the size set a few pixels short either side, so it won't fully fit the screen.

I am using the mapping pictures/utilities without success as i seem to loose 1 edge line off the nokia mapping picture and i have a lot of scan noise that i can't reduce enough for it to become clean.

Anyone successfully mapped a 50phd8 using a PC of sorts and @50hz?

I could possibly try scaler settings if someone could post there's, for using 50hz setting for VGA.

Any help would be appreciated, please.
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