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Hello, a while back I came here looking for advice and ended up purchasing a PA120 sub which I absolutely love. I've been using borrowed speakers for the last year and a half and I'm ready now to finish off my home theater setup and looking for advice again. Currently I own:

Sony STRDG720 7.1 Receiver 105 Watts X 7

PA120 Sub


Dynex 42" LCD

and in the mail:

Polk CS1 Center ($60 from newegg)

This coming Tuesday I'm planning on picking up 2 Polk Monitor 60's for the front. Then I plan on either the Monitor 40's or 50's for surrounds.

I was considering the 70's but they're a tad expensive and I think my receiver might be underpowered for it.

My main questions are about the 6th rear surround channel.

First will the center rear make much of a difference in sound quality, making it a worthwhile investment or am I better off just sticking with 5.1

Second, what would I be looking at for a rear center? If I bought a CS2 for the fronts and put the CS1 in the rear would that mess up the matching fronts since the CS2 has bigger speakers then my towers?

Any other advice as to the best way to setup my gear would also be appreciated, I've done a lot of reading, but still a novice. Thanks
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